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Huffman Fitness

Private Dance Lesson W/Elena

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Elena has been in the fitness industry for as long as she could remember. She is diversified with many different sports, and other activities she has done in her lifetime. 

Her Athletic Background is shown below!

Send a message or email to LYKA@HUFFANFITNESS.COM to book.


Soccer, Explosive Workout, Calisthenics, Resistance Training, Ballet, Contemporary, Bachata, Salsa, Dynamic Stretching, Static Stretching


Soccer- Athlete


  • I play pick up soccer with the africans and sometimes vetta
  • I do personal soccer training

Dance - Dancer

2017 - Present

  • I train in ballet, contemporary, salsa, and bachata
  • I teach salsa, bachata, ballet, & contemporary for group
  • I do private dance lessons consistently 
  • I am on a Latin Dance Team (Evolución Latina Dance Company)

Huffman Fitness - CEO

09/19 - Present

  • Personal Trainer Fitness
  • I host public bootcamps focusing on agility, calisthenics, resistance, and flexibility
  • Teach, host, and provide group and private dance lessons in St.Louis
  • Bring artists nationwide into town to teach
  • Sell Merchandise 

Images Agency - Model & Actor

August 2020- Present

  • Back up extra actor for Ameren Commercial
  • Back up extra for a commercial (don't know name)
  • Model for photo shoot (nursing home)

STL City SC- Community Coach


  • Attend meetings
  • Make planning sessions for coaching
  • Work community events
  • Coach as a group with other coaches


Played soccer with SCC in St. Charles; made it to nationals in Melbourne FL 2015

Trained with the WPLS team 2020-Tony Glavin-Made the team, but did not play because season was too short due to covid and I was late-never got officially registered

Won the STL Cup Co-ed Division Tournament June 24th-6th Weekend-First Place-Undefeated 5-0 wins-27 goals-Huffman Fitness